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Meet Sergio Myers

founder of 7Ponies Productions.

Sergio Myers has had as extensive career developing and creating, producing and directing reality television series, documentaries. He’s recently produced series for Viceland, National Geographic Channel USA and Australia, Fusion TV, TVNZ and TV3 New Zealand and previous series for MTV, Spike TV, TNN, E!, Style, FOX and secured countless development deals to create series and film projects for VH1, FOX TV, HBO, MGM Television, Nicholas Cage, Saturn Films, Burt Reynolds and others. In addition to his TV career he has directed/produced feature films and documentaries 'The Zombinator’, 'Heaven's Gate The Untold Story’ and his most recent feature documentary ‘Invisible Scars’. Myers has won over 80 awards and numerous official selections.

From the beginning of his career, which started as a field producer for the Margot Hemmingway documentary for E! Entertainment TV or his first feature documentary on the Heaven's Gate Suicide Cult, Myers has always had a unique style of gaining the trust of his subjects, writing his story with the camera and pushing the boundaries on many of his projects. His latest projects are no exception; feature documentary 'Invisible Scars' which Myers co-produced and directed with Johnna, and the hit documentary series 'Croc Catchers' for National Geographic Australia. During the early days of filming Invisible Scars Myers spilt his time between the US following Johnna's journey and the Northern Territory of Australia following and weaving together a fascinating look into the lives of the croc rangers. Production has now officially wrapped for 'Invisible Scars' and was picked up by First Run Features and is set to premiere in March 29 2016. The film has now won 7 awards.


The US premiere of Croc Catchers was on May 13th 2013 on NatGeoWild Channel. The original 8 episode documentary series 'The Croc Catchers NT' premiered in Australia/New Zealand Sept 24 2012. The series rated very well and has aired in most of the major markets around the world.

Prior to this series he decided to tackle the popular zombie horror genre by coming up with the concept, story and directing the feature film ‘The Zombinator’ starring Patrick Kilpatrick and Joseph Aviel. The film which is being called a new cult classic was filmed with Myers' signature style, incorporating cinema verite. The Zombinator released in UK Feb 2014, Australia, New Zealand June 17th 2013. It was released in the US May 2014, hard copy DVDs were on shelves at all WalMart stores nationwide.

After directing/producing ‘The Zombinator’ Myers headed to New Zealand and Australia, where he secured an executive producer/director position with Eyeworks NZ under New Zealand TV pioneer, Julie Christie. In addition to his producing/directing duties on series like 'Croc Catchers', 'The Secret Lives of Dancers', 'Meet The Frockers' and 'The Block NZ' Myers also helped create series pitches.

Early in Myers' career as a Director/Writer/Producer he spend tackled a heavy topic, suicide cults. His classic feature documentary focused on the Heaven’s gate suicide cult and after 2 years carve together an award winning feature documentary. The film won the EBE Award for Best Documentary, and was presented at the Margaret Mead Film Festival.

Myers then went on to produce, direct and write multiple episodes of the popular docu-drama series “E! True Hollywood Story” on a full-time basis for 3 yrs. His documentaries varied in topics from comic legend 'Redd Foxx' to the original scream queen, 'Linda Blair' others were 'The Kennedy’s', 'Andy Kaufman', 'Bo Derek', 'Heidi Fliess' amongst others. The premise of the series was to document celebrity’s rise to fame and their tragic falls. One of Myers personal greatest accomplishments while working on the series was getting Oliver Stone to do his first ever interview for E! Entertainment Television.

Myers then wanting to expand his horizons and take everything he had learned in the documentary style formats, created two of the pioneering reality docu-soap style series, 'Fraternity Life' and 'Sorority Life'. Shortly thereafter a story broke in Variety Magazine Myers secured a development deal with MTV. In January of 2002 MTV picked up 'Sorority Life' for 13 episodes without a pilot being shot, an unheard of feat at the time. Myers was the Creator and Executive Producer. This was the first ever all-female docu-soap series, which according to Entertainment Weekly was “the summers guilty pleasure” ran for 3 successful seasons and then spawned the subsequent spin-off series “Fraternity Life” and several specials like 'Meet the Greeks'. The first season was a hit with critics.

After securing development deals with MGM Television, FOX TV, HBO, VH1, Myers went on to SpikeTV to take over a series and executive produce a hidden camera series “Crash Test” and a pilot “Street Racer” documenting illegal street racing in America. He was then given a development deal with Spike TV to create executive produce and direct the series “10 Things Every Guy Should Experience” hosts included Rachel Hunter, Dennis Rodman, Brande Roderick, Steve Schirripa. From there, Spike TV asked Myers to take over another series “Tripped Out: The Ultimate Guy Vacation”, which followed a group of friends all over the world in search of the ultimate guy vacation.


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